Hypnosis for Children


Children are faced with complex problems.

Children today are faced with more complex problems that ever before in history. This time has come for a more successful means of communicating and leading them in the right direction.

A few of the ways Pediatric Hypnosis can be helpful to children:

-          Improved study habits and skills

-          Overcoming test anxiety

-          Better classroom behaviour

-          Improved memory and focus

-          Overcoming fear of needles, doctors and animals, etc.

-          Manage eating behaviours and weight loss

-          Eliminating bedwetting


Pediatric Hypnosis is a safe and effective method of self-management.

Pediatric Hypnosis allows your children to focus on what would bring them the most success in life. It teaches them a safe and effective method of self-regulation so they can best manage their own minds and bodies to accomplish their goals in life. For more information please call today with your questions and to schedule sessions for your child.

Children work very well with the hypnosis relaxation method.  They already understand the world of the imagination and easily achieve the relaxed state necessary to work with the subconscious mind. In my work with children I teach them self-hypnosis or self-relaxation which helps them feel in control. I also provide a short reinforcement cd for play at bedtime. Some of the applications of Pediatric Hypnosis are:
• Helping to outgrow enuresis (bed wetting)
• Behaviour modification
• Learning skills such as focusing in school, feeling confident about examinations and tests, enhancing memory.
• Alleviating performance anxiety
• Building confidence and self-esteem
• Habit control (i.e. thumb sucking, nail biting, etc)