Past Life Regression

Have you ever felt like you’ve been someplace before even though you know you have never physically been there? Do you have a strong affinity for a particular land or culture even though you’ve never traveled there or have any family ties? It’s possible these feelings could be tied to a previous lifetime.

A past life regression session is performed while under hypnosis. While under hypnosis you will re-visit two to three of your past lives. Whether visiting past lives out of curiosity or for your own spiritual development you will leave the session with a fresh perspective and a better understanding of your current life. We tend to carry issues from previous lifetimes into this present lifetime and re-visiting your past lifetimes can help close or enable you to be better equipped in this present life and heal issues and enable you to better equipped in this present life.

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“It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection. 
~ Voltair"