Traumatic & Major Life Events

     "Before leaving for Toronto to wait for my double lung transplant , I experienced so many dark and trying days. It was a feeling that seemed to have no relief in sight. Darlene became a wonderful friend before and during this journey. Her sessions brought me hope for the future and hope for a new life. The hypnotherapy CD's that she made for me to bring to Toronto brought me peace many times during the long 11 month wait. I had 3 false calls along the way and listened to these CD's each time while waiting to go into my life changing surgery. Even though those calls didn't happen, my call finally did come and her voice was with me right until I was rolled into my operation. Not only was I calm and peaceful going into my surgery, I was ready. Thank you Darlene for what you brought into my life.....light." 

-Melissa Macphail

Hypnosis works wonders for many of life's major events, including but not limited to: Pediatric Hypnosis, Divorce, PTSD, Surgery, New Relationships, and Prenatal Fear.

Any of these things do not have to be a roadblock that prevents you from living your life the way you want. Can you imagine living a life with zest, vigor, and excitement?


I am very excited to introduce the Rewind Technique to my practice. I have been very busy over the past year studying and practicing this technique and have seen amazing results with my clients.  

Let me treat your PTSD or phobia comfortably and quickly

The Rewind Technique is a tried-and-tested approach to treating PTSD and phobias

For many years, severe anxiety-based conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder or phobias were considered treatable only through long, painful exposure therapy, and in some cases, not at all.

Now, thankfully, we have access to a comfortable, effective treatment that can greatly reduce, and even remove, traumatic or phobic symptoms quickly. Many people with trauma or phobias have been treated using approaches which drag them back through the experience again; a highly unpleasant thing to have to do.

This does not happen with the Rewind, and I do not in fact even need to know the details of what happened to you.

So if you suffer from PTSD or phobias I think I can help, so please give me a call and I can tell you anything else you need to know.

 I look forward to hearing from you. Also if you know anyone that may benefit from this technique please forward this letter to them. You could be directing them to the help that they need to start living fully again.

The Rewind Technique