I can hardly believe that it has been over twenty-five years since I personally stopped smoking. I can hardly believe it because many years ago I found it hard to go twenty-five minutes without a cigarette. I had tried to quit smoking once before that time. I quit cold turkey, without any aids such as drugs or nicotine patches. It seemed then like the hardest thing that I would ever attempt. My mind did not help me with this. My every waking thought seemed to feature cigarettes. I wanted one. I needed one and I really did know that I was going to smoke again. I did make it one long torturous month. Then I went out with friend one night had a drink and was back at it again. A pack a day habit. I really thought after failing that I was going to have to smoke cigarettes for the rest of my life. I had resigned myself to that.

So I did continue smoking for about another eight years or so. Then one day my husband called me at work to tell me that there was a Hypnotist coming to town that night and that he was going to go and get hypnotized to stop smoking. I knew that I had better go with him if I wanted to continue living in the same home. So off we went that night and we were hypnotized.  This was my first experience ever with Hypnosis and I am very happy to say that it worked. Here I am sitting almost twenty five years later after being released from the prison of smoking cigarettes.

The next morning I remember sitting in my car and looking around wondering what was missing. It took me a few seconds then I thought oh yes, the cigarettes. My car never started without a cigarette in my hand. My next thought was but I do not smoke cigarettes anymore. As the days went by anything connected to smoking, which was just about everything was like this. In my head I was breaking the connections. During this time my work partner continued to smoke beside me. This did not bother me. It was so much easier to stop smoking with Hypnosis. It seemed that my mind had gotten the message this time. I became a believer of the power of Hypnosis to create positive changes.

I know personally what it feels like to be a slave to cigarettes. I also know now what it feels like to be free of this addiction. For anyone that is serious about stopping smoking Hypnosis can help you let go of this dangerous habit. It will be my pleasure to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


    "I came for my addiction to alcohol. If I don't keep that straight I don't have a life. I feel more free to talk about my addiction. I don't try to cover it up anymore. Hypnosis helped me with my cravings for alcohol. Learning to not think about it anymore, I find that I do not worry like I used to before. My sleep is tremendous now. Before I would wake up and have to get up. Lots of nights only getting 3 to 4 hours sleep, some nights, not at all. I find that it has helped in my relationships too. I listen to my recordings every night." 

Rueben Feehan  

Five years ago I took my training to become a Consulting Hypnotist and shortly after that opened my business Atlantic Hypnosis Centre. In the past five years I have helped many clients to quit smoking. Clients with addictions ranging from one cigarette a day to three packs a day. I love helping clients live a longer and healthier life. It is rewarding having clients email me to thank me and let me know that their families thank me too.

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