Skype Sessions

The Free audio / video service Skype has made it possible to work with people around the world or with anyone who has challenges getting to my office. Skype is great in situations such as:

  • Long distance
  • Bad weather
  • Physical restrictions
  • Irregular or difficult schedule 

Requirements for Skype Hypnosis Sessions

A computer or laptop with Skype downloaded and a microphone, a comfortable headset is recommended though not essential. A comfortable bed, couch, or chair with your head supported, a room in which you will not be disturbed for about 60 minutes.
A true desire to make a personal change

To get started, please go to
our Contact page to send an email, and mention Skype in the comments

Please include your Skype Name and Telephone Number.
The more information you can give me, the better I can assist you.