Hypnosis has been proven to help with many weight issues. Be it excess weight, overeating, food addiction, eating disorders, and inability to put on weight healthily. 

Doctor Oz. has done an episode on weight, and hypnosis for weight issues. He's a believer, you can be one too and see the results!

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     "I first met Darlene MacInnis just over a year ago, and I can tell you that my life has changed significantly for the better since meeting her.  I have struggled with life-long anxiety, and am -- wait, make that USED TO BE -- overweight.  I had tried hypnosis in the past without success, so when the Atlantic Hypnosis Centre was recommended to me by a friend for my anxiety, I was a bit sceptical.  I shouldn’t have been...my sessions with Darlene gave my mind peace, rest and focus, drastically improved my relationship with my partner, and aided me in a 50 pound weight loss.  I have never in my life felt so at ease in my own skin, and Darlene has played a pivotal role in this for me.  I will forever be grateful for her coming into my life!"

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